Tax preparation
and planning

We specialize in Start-Ups and Small Businesses

with Gross Revenues up to $5M

Tax season does not need to be stressful anymore, Coastal Tax is here. 

Early Glimpse

Quarterly Tax Planning Packages

Interested to know what your taxes will look like well before April? We provide quarterly tax planning packages to give you a glimpse into your tax picture and alleviate the stress of worrying about paying your quarterly estimated tax payments.

Mitigating Stress

Tax Preparation for Individuals and Small Businesses

Gathering the right records, files, deductions, and credits while meeting strict deadlines can be a pretty overwhelming process. Whether you’re an individual filer or a small business, we aim to mitigate your stress by helping you prepare for your taxes.

Filing Multiple Returns

Multi-State Reporting for all 50 states

If you have recently moved, live in one state but work in another, own income-producing property in a different state, or are a business owner who works in multiple states, you are a multi-state reporter! You may need to file more than one state tax return and we’re here to help you along the way.

For the Innovators

Research and Development Tax Credit

We love hearing about innovations and inventions that improve productivity. If you or your business is actively designing, developing, or improving products, processes, techniques, formulas, or software, you are eligible for the Research and Development Tax Credit which we can walk you through step by step.

This is the small business financial solution you have been looking for. 

Make your tax season a breeze, reach out to us at Coastal Tax

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Tax Preparation and Planning